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Slide Our customers are among the most active people in the world. They’re athletes, extreme sports enthusiasts, and devotees committed to pushing themselves to the very limits of human performance. They’re people passionate about attaining a life that’s not just healthy but ambitious and holistic. Two Men Cruising By The Beach On Skateboards With Surf Boards In Hand



Discover the goodness of PCR Hemp Extract by taking it via tincture, softgel, or infused edible. AkäVie’s ingestible products are at the top of their class. Plus they come in a range of concentrations, ensuring that everyone is able to take just the right amount of hemp.

But those who’d rather apply hemp’s benefits to one or two specific areas also have options. Our PCR Hemp salve combine a distinctive blend of PCR and other botanicals. High bioavailability makes the salve perfect for addressing everything from muscle soreness to sports-related injuries.

All this means that AkäVie has a product for everyone. Even our gummies are made to exacting standards: they’re 100% free of artificial colors, and sweeteners!

Slide Purity Have you been searching for a PCR Hemp brand you can trust? AkäVie’s commitment to quality is making its mark on the hemp industry. Every single product we provide is GMP (good manufacturing processes) and organic compliant.

We’re halal and kosher certified, too. Most recently, our products were certified for sale by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE). That’s nearly an industry first!

One more thing: we pledge to never use harsh solvents or additives in our PCR Hemp Extract.
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Slide Quality None of the bad…and all of the good. AkäVie uses a proprietary process to carefully extract the goodness of hemp and slowly refine it down into final-product form. That allows virtually all valuable phytocannabinoids and terpenes to be preserved.

PCR Hemp in its natural environment is good enough, but we went a step further to address what might just be the only drawback to hemp products: their bioavailability. Normally PCR Hemp is inefficiently absorbed; figures vary between 10 and 30 percent as to how much cannabidiol actually makes it into the bloodstream. Thankfully, scientists are changing that. To overcome the limitations, our science team has developed what’s called nanoemulsion technology. Simply put, nanoemulsion means breaking down the molecule into smaller components — while ensuring that its qualities are unaltered.

Nano particles are able to permeate more areas of the body than any other type of the compound. That means the possible health benefits (like reduced stress, lowered inflammation, and enhanced athletic recovery) get powerfully amplified.
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Slide Our Products In short, the PCR Hemp Extract that goes into our products is highly effective…and our sports-driven customers love it. We’re virtually free of side effects, too, so you can take AkäVie’s products before skydiving, hitting the slalom course, or even racing motocross.

Look for more advancements in the future as we continue to work towards creating the best possible products for you!

GUMMIES SALVES DOG TREATS TINCTURES SOFT GELS AkäVie Products ENERGY DRINKS CBD TINCTURES Enjoy AkäVie CBD Oil as part of your everyday wellness routine. With a great taste and naturally delightful aroma, AkäVie’s hemp oil promotes optimal health by engaging the endocannabinoid system. Each and every drop of oil contains our unique blend of THC-free, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Take AkäVie day or night, and experience the gentle invigoration of CBD. Simply select your CBD Oil’s strength and ingest sublingually in the amount you desire. It’s simple…and completely safe. Shop Now Premium PCR Hemp Extract CBD Oil CBD SOFT GELS AkäVie’s CBD Softgels place the goodness of broad spectrum CBD into an easy-to-take, highly absorbable form. Each softgel is made using a propriety water-soluble nanoemulsified delivery system that’s been shown to increase CBD absorption. Shop Now Premium PCR Hemp Extract CBD Softgels CBD GUMMIES Discover the benefits of real fruit gummies — with real fruit flavors. AkäVie’s Fruit Gummies have such a delicious taste, you might be surprised to hear that they also engage the endocannabinoid system and promote optimal health! Shop Now Premium PCR Hemp Extract CBD Fruit Gummies CBD ENERGY DRINKS Can you say delicious? AkäVies’ CBD Energy + Focus Mix gives you the boost you need exactly when you need it most. Ready to experience a new level of exercise performance? With AkäVie’s vitalizing mix, now you can. Safe, natural, fast-acting energy awaits you. Shop Now Premium PCR Hemp Extract CBD Energy Drink Powder CBD SALVES Offering a balanced combination of phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil, beeswax, and aromatic essential oils, AkäVie CBD Salve is designed to powerfully reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin. Shop Now Premium PCR Hemp Extract CBD Salve CBD DOG TREATS Give your favorite furry friend all the benefits of CBD-rich hemp oil — in an even more convenient form. Our CBD Dog Treats are infused with the same highly proprietary, water-soluble hemp powder used in our other products. And that means this delicious dog-approved chew has premium effects and a premium taste. Shop Now 2 MG CBD Dog Treats - Beef and Bacon Flavors
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