The passing of 2018’s Federal Farm Bill marked a turning point in CBD’s legality. Thanks in large part to this Bill, CBD is more popular than ever! And as an influx of new companies jumps into a market stripped of its old legal restraints, you might be wondering who to trust…and who not to.

While we advocate for you to do your own research, it’s pretty fascinating to see who is getting behind this miraculous plant compound — celebrities included. Might they be onto something? In this article, we’ll take a look at six celebs who’ve jumped onto the cannabidiol train.

Mike Tyson

It might surprise you to hear that Mike Tyson has gone holistic, but it’s true! As of 2019, this former boxing champion is vegan, has started a ranch, and runs a company called Tyson’s Holistic Holdings. Here’s the kicker, though: his ranch is actually a cannabis farm.

Tyson has hemp products, too, first launching a CBD-infused pain cream called CopperGel Ice. Packed with menthol, camphor, and 100 milligrams of CBD, the cream aptly promises to “knock out the pain”. Mike Tyson himself has said of CBD, “yeah, I think it’s the miracle oil”, and in the future, he hopes to build a cannabis empire.

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Whoopi Goldberg

“I’ve spent the better part of my life standing up for issues that were important to me.”
– Whoopi Goldberg on cannabis

In 2016 Whoopi followed her heart into the medical cannabis market, where she’s partnered with an award-winning edibles chef to create Whoopi & Maya. Her THC + CBD products are unique in that they’re geared directly towards women’s health.

Whoopi & Maya’s Relax tincture, for example, contains “elderberries, red raspberry leaf, motherwort, and passionflower” which “combine to soothe pain and discomfort associated with menstruation”. So far, her products have been a hit and propelled Whoopi & Maya forward to becoming one of California’s most popular brands.

Seth Rogen

Yet another celeb to put their backing behind CBD, Seth has partnered with screenwriter Seth Goldberg to found a company called Houseplant. With premium ingredients supplied by the Canopy Growth Corporation, the brand looks primed for success.

Rogen has been a vocal advocate for cannabidiol in his personal life, too — not just in business. In 2014 he testified before Congress about the importance of researching CBD for the sake of those with Alzheimer’s. He’s even been known to recommend CBD oil to fans via social media!

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Kim Kardashian

Kim seems to be a recent convert to CBD, but she might still be the most enthusiastic CBD-celebrity on our list. In her own words, she’s “obsessed” with CBD-infused beauty products. Kim’s last baby shower was even CBD themed!

A fan account captured her urging other shower-goers to give cannabidiol a try: “Let’s zen out for a Saturday…so everyone have a puff and put on some [CBD] oil.” Guests proceeded to make their own edibles and dip food into a CBD-infused chocolate fountain. Pretty zen, indeed.

Morgan Freeman

Renowned for his calm, authoritative voice, could some of Morgan Freeman’s success actually be attributed to CBD? Freeman himself has admitted to using cannabis recreationally since the Woodstock era, and promotes cannabis legalization “across the board”. Maybe that’s why he’s been so calm all this time.

In recent years his attention seems to have turned to the plant’s health benefits, and today Freeman takes both CBD and THC to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms.

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Tom Hanks

“The benefits of CBD oil are unlike anything any pill or medication can do.”
– Tom Hanks

Years of indulgent living left this A-list actor with diabetes and chronic stress. Unable to meet his health goals — or conform to his Doctor’s wishes — with conventional medicine, Tom Hanks turned to CBD.

Fast forward to 2019, and it’s pretty clear that many celebrities have caught on to the health benefits of CBD. We expect that this trend will only grow stronger as the enthusiasm of the rich and famous trickles down to fans and consumers. And who knows? Maybe the CBD industry will produce a few celebrities of its own.